narendra modi south africa

Narendra Modi Fever Hits South Africa!

Are you ready South Africa? India’s political rock star Narendra Modi is coming to town and hundreds of millions will be watching us.

The city of Johannesburg will get a dose of Modi-mania on July 8, 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa when the Indian Prime Minister makes a quick-fire, high-energy visit.

narendra modi south africa

But the biggest audience will be in India. The country’s major news channels will be sending correspondents to cover Mr Modi’s tour

and that guarantees hundreds of millions of viewers will turn their attention on Johannesburg when Mr Modi takes the stage.

The Prime Minister is highly respected for his thought-leadership and views on improving the world and he will deliver his vision on the unity and prosperity for these two nations through his key note address.  This event will also feature cultural items showcasing the best of Indian and South Africa talent.

SAWelcomesModi pays tribute to the strong ties between India and the South Africa that goes back centuries ago. This event will also glorify the significant contribution made by members of the Indian diaspora to the growth of South Africa in many facets including politics, economics, culture; education, medicine and academics. SAWelcomesModi is deeply honoured to host this internationally recognised visionary and event.

To register to attend the welcome reception for NaMo visit this link:

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