adrenalin indian rapper

We Have To Talk About Adrenalin, The Indian Rapper

Over the past few years though, some gifted rappers have been quietly cultivating an organic movement and they’re moving at a rapid pace but then you hear he is Indian and raps.

adrenalin indian rapper

There has been some big names dropped out of India but South Africa is birthing with its local music and one of those we have to talk about is Adrenalin.

He might not dominate your local radio just yet, that’s because he is destined for something finer and greater. Justin Govender is carving out his own lanes of sounds and rap, Get to know him, before he blows up and knocks off all that chutney music you are hearing on Lotus FM.

Adrenalin takes you on a verbal waterfall with his story telling skill. His play on words paints a picture of the tough edge of rap that was inspired by the greats.

We have a pretty good feeling about him that this guy is going be one of the most exciting rappers to look forward to in the coming few years.

He switches between serious and goofy raps, making him a pleasure to listen to. He is all about versatility and swooning this girls and grades himself a Level 3 #IndianBlesser.

Find out more about him here in this interview that we had with him.

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And then there’s the 5FM interview!

Devil Call 

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