Aayush Sharma
Image Source: Instagram

When Sallu’s B-In-Law Rips Off His Shirt…OMG!

Sallu’s brother-in-law is smoking! He is the son of an eminent politician, Aayush Sharma sneaked over into the world of Bollywood when he married Arpita Khan.  By the looks of his physique, he wouldn’t do too bad in a movie.

Aayush has a keen eye on lens and was an Assistant Director for Sallu’s movie Sultan. You should check out his Instagram feed. Some impressive shots there!

We already know that Aayush weaves magic when he’s behind the camera, thanks to the pictures that he keeps sharing on Instagram.

And by the looks of this picture the hottie is set to most likely score a role if he decides to and we are sure Sallu wouldn’t mind helping a brother out.

aayush sharma
Image Source: Instagram

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Talking about image issues, Arpita lost her cool!


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