Kathakali, The Movie Challenges CFBC Censorhip

Udta Punjab’s censor madness continues in the wake of another movie. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has now gone head to head with the Malayalam film industry after not issuing a certificate for the movie ‘Kathakali’.

‘I Wanna Be Naked’: ‘Kathakali’ Director Trolls CBFC For Cuts In His Film


So how the Malayalam film industry react? Film directors and technicians staged a dharna at the office of CBFC in Thiruvananthapuram in protest. The CBFC has denied issuing of a certificate claiming excessive nudity and vulgarity of the film, and in order to have a certificate issued they’ve demanded 3 cuts.

PAUSE A MOMENT & LEARNDharna is a non-violent sit-in protest, which may include fast undertaken at the door of an offender, especially a debtor, in India as a means of obtaining compliance with a demand for justice, state response of criminal cases, or payment of a debt.

The movie-makers of Kathakali have now taken the matter to the Kerala High Court with the backing of the Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA).

The two-hour film on the life of a Kathakali artiste is directed by Sijo Kannanaikkal. Recently, the CBFC asked for three cuts to be “sanctioned for unrestricted public exhibition”.

The board is demanding the removal of a scene in which the protagonist Dasan is undressed and beaten up and another towards the end in which Dasan removes the Kathakali attire and walks towards the Bharathapuzha river.

Meanwhile, director Saijo had the perfect response to it – a hilarious music video on how he likes being naked.

“I was born naked, you have tied me with clothes…you have covered me with a mask…” goes the lyrics of the song.

Check out the video here!

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