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#SalmanKhan’s Rape Comment Uncalled For!

Salman Khan, who has landed himself in a yet another controversy, has been asked to apologise for his comment where he compared his worn out condition during Sultan’s shoot with that of a ‘raped woman.’

salman khan

After a massive outcry on Twitter, the issue finally reached the National Commission For Women (NCW), who has written to Khan asking him why he made such a statement in the first place.

“This is very sad. Just because he is Salman Khan doesn’t mean he will make such a statement,” Lalitha Kumaramangalam, NCW Chief, told ANI.

She also added that the Bollywood actor has been given seven days to apologise for his remark.

The secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, Kavita Krishnan, told ANI that Khan’s comments trivialise the serious issue of rape.

In a group interaction with the media in Mumbai, Salman said shooting for the role was rather challenging. “You look like a fraud if you haven’t trained properly. You need to put in those many hours as any wrestler does and that’s what we have done. Now when you are shooting, you are continuously wrestling for 6 hours. So, if I have to pick up a 120 kg person, and drop him down, I got to do it 10 times. In the wrestling match, it happens once or twice. Ten times from 5 different angles for 6-7 hours, either I am picking up or throwing him or he is picking me up and throwing me. It is like the most difficult thing. When I used to walk out of the ring, it was actually like a raped woman walking out. I couldn’t walk straight. I would eat and then head right back to training. That wouldn’t stop.”

The comparison to the ‘raped woman’ stunned journalists at the event. It was crass and insensitive, to say the least. However, in a few seconds, the actor seemed to have realised his mistake. He went on to say in a rather apologetic tone that he shouldn’t have made that comparison.

While many Khan supporters contested the fact that he ever made such a remark, an audio recording of the interview was released today morning that confirmed he indeed did, and that his statement wasn’t misconstrued.

Here’s an audio clip from the group interview in which the offending comment was made. Have a listen.

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