Jailoshini: I am sick of artists like him behaving like they are Gods!

This is what Jailoshini had to share on Facebook regarding the incident on stage with Piyush Sahdev.


Both in my personal and professional life , i have always prided myself on staying true to myself and treating others with respect…no matter who they are.

I’ve always believed that we should treat others the way we’d like to be treated. Affording respect is affording dignity!!!

Imagine my shock and disbelief then, when for the first time in all my years on stage I was literally shouted at and shut down 5 minutes into my performance, in front of a huge audience,

who were thoroughly enjoying.

The ZEE so called “star” who had just arrived, was not even introduced to the audience, yet took it upon himself to grab the mic, walk onto the stage beside me and proceeded to taunt me and scream into my face at the top of his voice.

My performance ended right there because he did not allow me to speak. He screamed over me, made weird sounds and shut me down every time I tried to speak. The audience was shocked into silence and i was left with no choice but to walk off stage to prevent the situation from becoming worse and to preserve my dignity.

To say that I was humiliated is an understatement, I am appalled and disgusted at his lack of respect for me as a fellow artist, and for the audience.  He was rude and arrogant and his oversized ego obviously took centre stage.  How is this acceptable? Does he think that international artists like himself are above us local artists?

I am sick of artists like him behaving like they are Gods, coming to our country and showing such disdain and disrespect for us. Who gave him this right and power?  My message to this so called Zee “star”, Piyush Sahdev

“Do you actually believe that our audiences are starved for good entertainment? …that we are not good enough…that we need you so desperately, that we will allow you to treat us with such rudeness and arrogance? No matter how much you have, how great you look, how fancy you dress…remember, without humility, respect and integrity you amount to nothing!!!

You are treated like royalty here only because of the generosity and warm hospitality of our South African audiences. That does not make you superior to us in any way and it certainly does not give you the right to demean us.

I would like to also apologise to the wonderful warm audience who came out that day,to watch and be entertained .Thank you for your love and support and I’m so sorry that you too had to endure such utter and total disrepect .

Jailoshini Naidoo

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