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Jailoshini Naidoo Heading For Legal Battle With Zee Star

Zee TV’s Piyush Sahdev, who plays Lord Rama in the series ‘Devon Ke Dev’ has been brought into focus over an alleged sabotage of Jailoshini Naidoo’s performance at the Rising Sun Gold Circle Challenge, ZeeTV stars formed part of the entertainment for the event.

Jailoshini Naidoo stated in an interview with Sunday Tribune Herald, “I was enraged by the incident. I could have slapped him, but I drew on every ounce of professionalism and restraint.”

South African Indians are undecided on who really was at fault and shared their comments on social media in favour of Naidoo and some in favour of Sahdev.

What does Piyush Sahdev say about the issue? 

Piyush Sahdev

Piyush Sahdev declined to comment on Remo’s post on social media and cannot issue any statement to Indianspice.

However, Sahdev informed us that he is proceeding with a legal case against Jailoshini Naidoo over what has transpired in the media following the incident.

It is most likely a case of defamation is to be filed against the South African actress/stage personality.  A copy of the video has been viewed and will be part of evidence that will carry his case forward.

Zee TV South Africa has declined to comment on the matter and it is unclear if Zee TV is acting on behalf of Piyush Sahdev in the matter locally to file the case or whether Sahdev is acting in his personal capacity against Naidoo.


Piyush Sahdev’s Wife Speaks Out as well…..

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