Mickey Sharma Speaks Out Against Jailoshini Naidoo

Mickey Sharma, a performer from India was also vocal on social media over the incident that transpired between Piyush Sahdev and Jailoshini Naidoo.


Sharma stated this was his first international performance and was thankful he could do this in Durban, South Africa. Sharma is still thankful to have been part of a noble cause which was a fundraiser for CESCA, the Clare Estate Senior Citizens Association.

However, events leading up to his international debut was an unhappy experience of being taunted and used in Jailoshini Naidoo’s act. This was the build up to Piyush Sahdev’s confrontation with Jailoshini’s alter ego ‘Aunty Rumba’ which was talking point on social media the past week.

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 The Jailoshini Naidoo & Piyush Sahdev Incident

Here is the post that Mickey Sharma shared on Facebook to vindicate Piyush Sahdev of being the villain in the story that was published last week. 

To all our friends in DURBAN, before u judge pls read what exactly happened at Race event between Piyush n Aunty Rumba – 6 of us, 2 singers 4 actors from India reached the race event, we were called on stage, then as it was time for the live trophy giving ceremony, 4 actors including Piyush Sahdev were taken away immediately, 2 of us singers were
held back on stage.

After a while, as we were waiting for our turn to sing, Aunty Rumba came on stage, the 1st thing she did as her act was to call my Co-artiste Remo Ghosh forward centre stage and made fun of his appearance! Then she did the same to me, commented on my hair beard etc, we were not prepared for this involvement, neither did she check with us or tuk permission if we were ok being made fun off. while this was on, Piyush was being walked back with other 3 indian actors towards the stage, they were asked to go on-stage by the organisers n join us.

At this moment Piyush who was witnessing her ridiculing us, took the mike and responded to her

teasing her on her hair n voice, all the interaction that happened for barely 2 min was done in good spirit! It was fun n intended to make the audience laugh, She called Piyush a stupid man n so on. Then the host/stage manager showed this Lady the watch n said its time for Zee stars to perform and she needs to leave, so she said bye n left!

Now she is saying he stole her act but her act was nothing but insulting interaction with me n Remo Ghosh ! She said Piyush came on stage un-invited, the organisers walked him to stage n told him n others to go onstage!

I want to ask everyone, if its ok for her to make fun of us, catch us off-guard then why is it not ok for us to play along n respond! As an artiste we tuk it sportingly, did not take offence! she shouldn’t have too! Especially since SHE started it! We cant forget Piyush is always supporting the SA Indians, visited ABH home last year n performed a fundraiser for CESCA this year! He loves Durban!

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