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Remo Ghosh Lashes Out Against Jailoshini Naidoo

Remo GhoshRemo Ghosh has lashed out at Jailoshini Naidoo for allegedly capitalizing on their presence and used them as part of her routine on stage which left them very embarrassed and uncomfortable with her taunts on them and physical appearance on stage.

Remo went on to state that Naidoo’s routine made them feel vulnerable. And that was the precursor for Piyush Sahdev, who noticed what was unravelling in front of him was wrong for his fellow performers..

This was the reason for Sahdev’s behavior and reaction to Jailoshini’s alter ego ‘Aunty Rumba’. Sahdev was enraged at how his fellow artists were being torn apart on stage by Naidoo’s act, he reacted by folding into her act by responding to her as she did to his fellow artists.


Here is a transcript of Remo Ghosh’s post on Facebook that he published in defense of Piyush Sahdev.

This is for all my friends and fans in Durban,SA, I request y’all to please read it.

First of all I would like to Thank everyone who didn’t take sides without knowing the whole story.

I want y’all to know the truth cause I won’t let anyone defame a good human being like Piyush.
I met him for the first time in Durban and he treated me like his younger brother. I’ll tell you exactly what had happened between Piyush Bhai and Aunty Rumba at the Greyville Race course Event on June11th (Nothing serious happened though).

All of us (4 actors-2 singers) went on to the stage, then, after some interaction with the audience,the actors left for some live trophy giving ceremony.

Me and my co-singer Mickey were on stage waiting to be called to sing.  Then came AUNTY

RUMBA, she interacted with the audience for a bit, then called me and Mickey to the centre-stage and cracked some jokes on us and made fun of our appearance, hair etc. but we were totally fine with that and did not take offence and we played along.(note that neither did she take permission from us nor ask us if we were ok with it)

While this was on, the Organisers/Stage Manager told Piyush Bhai and the other actors to join us on stage. And Piyush,who saw her making fun of me and Mickey, took the mic and teased her on her looks, hair and imitated her voice and style of talking (imitating is a big crime, my god), all in sporting spirit and good humour, just to make the Audience laugh.

The stage manager,then,asked her to leave as it was time for me and mickey to perform. That’s what had happened.  She’s now accusing him of bullying and insulting her. Do you find anything insulting here??

He interacted with the character not the person. So the accusations aren’t valid. And if she was really hurt or upset, she should have spoken to Piyush or the Organisers and not the Media.


It’s very sad to see some people ridiculing Piyush Bhai without even bothering to know the real story.

He and all of us visited Durban to perform for all our fans and to raise funds for CESCA organised by Uncle Dave and Eventz4u.

As an audience, I loved and enjoyed her performance. We took it sportively,she should too. If she thinks Piyush insulted or bullied her. Then we(Me+ Mickey)can also think she insulted and bullied us. No disrespect to her or anyone?Thank You

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