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WATCH: The Jailoshini Naidoo & Piyush Sahdev Incident

South African Indians are undecided on who really was at fault and shared their comments on social media in favour of Naidoo and some in favour of Sahdev.

Watch the video here to see exactly what transpired, the artists Remo Ghosh and Mickey Sharma were clearly absorbed into their stage presence with Jailoshini’s character of Aunty Rumba and it did not seem as if they were insulted on stage.

Piyush Sahdev who then joined her on stage started screaming at her which was out of line. As a performer he could respect the fact that it was still her time on stage. If Sahdev had any issues with what was happening prior to his arrival, he should have taken it up with the organizers.

It was only after Jailoshini left the stage, you would notice Piyush clearly upset even after his wife tried to calm him down and eventually walked away. The situation was blown out of proportion and it seems as if the Zee entourage now back in India are amplifying the incident for no reason.

Zee TV’s representatives in South Africa have been instructed to not make any statement to the media regarding the matter. Further attempts to have some statement issued have proven futile.

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  1. Omg….so disgusting how he behaved on stage with Jailoshni. Uncalled for and no respect. Totally disgraceful especially for a so called celebrity. Barbaric behaviour toward our poor Jailoshni.

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