What To Do In A Terrorist Attack

Surviving a terror attack

Travellers involved or close to a terror incident are advised to exercise heightened security awareness and to follow the directives of local authorities. Here are a few safety first tips:

If there’s a bomb blast

If you’re injured in a terrorism attack

If you are injured or become ill please seek medical aid and contact your 24-hour Medical Assistance Service (numbers below).

Be aware that any functioning hospitals and clinics will be busy caring for large numbers of people who have been injured in the incident.

Preparing for potential terrorism

Before visiting a country where there is a risk of terrorism you should first obtain as much information on that country as possible.

What do I do post-terrorism attack?

It is important to remember that the situation you are in can be extremely stressful.

Call home and your country’s Consulate or Embassy to let them know where you are, if you are alright and if you need any assistance.

Keeping an item of comfort nearby, such as a family photo, favorite music, or religious material, can often offer comfort in such situations.

Call the emergency assistance hotlines should you need immediate attention.

Source: World Nomads