This Is Not Vegetarian If You Did Not Know!

A vegetarian customer at Nandos Suncoast branch noticed that the ‘Cheesy Garlic Roll’ she ordered was being prepared on the same grill as the Nando’s chicken. On enquiring on this she was told “that’s how we always do it”. Being a vegetarian the customer was taken aback at this revelation.

The patron posted the issue on SA Tamil Unity which has a membership of 15,300 members of South Indians who are critical of preparation of vegetarian products.

What did Nandos have to say?

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We contacted Nando’s South Africa for comment and was informed that the garlic roll was placed in a bun toaster. This was the final say from Nandos on the product that they prepare however a call from a Nandos employee stated that the cheesy garlic roll is first prepared in the bun toaster and then placed on the grill where chicken is prepared.

Nandos did clarify the preparation process and stated that the Nandos menu does specify the vegetarian meals apart from non-veg of which the ‘Cheesy Garlic Roll’ is not marked as vegetarian.

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha has been busy with the Shuddha project which aims to regulate the product management of FMCG items that are in the interest of vegetarians across the board for South Africans.

Heading the project is Mala when approached for comment stated that most fast food outlets are rife with contamination of the vegetarian meals but fast food outlets are not willing to come clean on a public media statement to admit to this fact as this would be bad for business.

While the South African Hindu Maha Sabha is in the process of Shuddha certification and investigation of various fast food chains they recommend that vegetarians do not purchase food from fast food outlets that prepare meals with non-veg items.

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