#DivasOfJozi: What You Missed Out On, The Recap!

The #DivasOfJozi kicked off on SABC3 last night in spectacular style but with bad audio leaving us to strain an ear to get a hint of what was going on. The lovely beauties with their glamour and a hint of bitchiness helped us forget the bad production value we had, well didn’t hear.

Leading lives in the lap of opulent luxury, the Divas of Jozi are South Africa’s wealthy women who fling their doors open for us to ogle upon.

The production first dubbed Housewives of Johannesburg and after three years it transformed into Divas of Jozi.

Each cast member was introduced to us giving us a run down of who they are at face value and talking faces, Nazley Delport was the first.  Hailing from Cape Town now in Johannesburg, I find it hard to believe that she is without a man which she highlighted later when she met with Puleng Mash-Spies over a glass of cheap red wine.

Puleng Mash-Spies, who is no stranger to South African screens being a former ‘Come Dine with Me – South Africa’ amateur foodie who coined phrases like “shut the front door” and “what the fudge.”  This striking madam, who anointed herself the title of ‘Dainfern Queen’ rocked up with hair that looked as if she woke up straight from a barn to a glass of red in hand.  I really think she needs AA observing how fast she gulped that wine down later warning the waiter that that is all she has to avoid a weight gain while Nazley harped on her desire to lose weight but clearly does’t need to! While Puleng continued to hint on a boob job to go up a size or three throughout the show.

The two diva’s spend a valuable amount of time to decide on whether to contact Diva #3, Sorisha Naidoo. I was so annoyed I nearly dialed Sorisha there and then by the time they decided to.

A call to this diva led to a cutaway to a feature on Sorisha and her billionaire husband, Vivian Reddy. The glam couple who really live the high life was evident and also gave us a sneak peek into what Sorisha is bringing to the show, a touch of diva class.

Stevie French, a host on Cliffcentral owned me by the time she confessed her daughter Samantha was her darling baby even though she is four-legged furry pet child. I loved her energy and personality so much, I can see French and Naidoo getting along fabulously as both own beautiful baby pets!

Fashion entrepreneur and recovering alcoholic. Aimee Sadie is another cast member to look out for. The 30-year-old lives in Sandton and runs a family owned business DESCH at Sandton City Mall. I am more concerned that Aimee might have a relapse spending so much time around Puleng who most likely carries a bottle of red in her handbag.

The sixth participant is energetic mother of 4 boys and recruitment company owner Christie Swanepoel. She lives by the motto: “Energy, Passion and Human touch”. She runs a business with her ex-husband, while she is engaged to be married to Justin. They are currently planning their beach wedding.

Next week we expect to see the diva’s pitch up for Sorisha Naidoo’s fashion event where she is endorsing her fashion designers label and new line. We expect to see these divas bring out the bitch in them which we got to see a taste of it in tiny doses in the pilot episode.

If you missed out of the first episode don’t freak out, you may want to catch the repeat on Wednesday at 15H00 on the channel.

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