SANDTON: Living Holistically With Dr. Nandi

THE EVENT: Dr Nandi will be joining our local holistic health champion and campaigner, Stacey Holland, host of The Home Channel’s REAL HEALTH. In an open discussion about the impact of living a holistic lifestyle as a preventative measure against disease, Dr Nandi and Stacey will unpack the benefits of nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing as a means of not only preventing disease, but also aiding in the recovery process. 

ASK DR NANDI – THE SHOW: ASK DR NANDI is an Emmy Award-winning health lifestyle chat show which explores ailments and health challenges faced by people on a daily basis. From psychological conditions and mental wellbeing, to more extreme cases of cancer and diabetes, Dr Nandi approaches his guests with care and compassion. Viewers learn the secrets of good health from those who have had it the worst.

WHO IS DR NANDI: Dr Partha Nandi is a practicing physician, a renowned international speaker and an Assistant Professor at the Oakland University School of Medicine. “I became a physician because I want to be there when someone’s world stops – I want to help people when they are most vulnerable and help them recover fully,” says Dr Nandi.


HIS PHILOSOPHY: Dr Nandi encourages people to be their own Health Hero and take the preventative steps to live their best life.  He continues to travel to international conferences and symposia, meeting with global health leaders on his quest to improve healthcare quality, access, and advocacy; to empower the world in his mission, “To Be Your Own Health Hero.”

REAL HEALTH – THE SHOW: Hosted by Stacey Holland, Real Health features topics about a wide variety of holistic health solutions. The show explores how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contribute to a healthier you. Get to the root of what happens on a biological, physiological and psychological level when healthy living is practiced holistically, and learn about diverse approaches to health which suite different lifestyles. 

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