Are You Safe Among Straight People?

South African Indian radio station LotusFM on Newsbreak Talk hosted a radio debate on lesbian and gay issues in the Indian community.

This show was hosted by Genevieve Lanka with Punam Dave.  During an open-line discussion, an anonymous caller had appealed for a talk show on gay and lesbians and the way in which many are treated in their communities.

While planning for this discussion, it came to light that a Durban body builder had posted controversial comments about the gay community on his Facebook page. This sparked heated debate, and prominent gay South Africans and gay and lesbian organizations reacted with outrage. His comments cast the spotlight on the broader situation facing many…advocacy groups accuse certain communities of forcing the closet shut… But, today, we ask, is it more a matter of awareness?

About Punam Dave: Punam Dave chose this topic for her Honours thesis & was asked to join in on the discussion as someone who conducted research. This is a very much taboo topic in the Indian community so this is meant to be informative & educational.

Listen to the show here:

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