narendra modi south africa

Narendra Modi Causes Wedding Break Up!

A Kanpur couple called off their wedding a few days before they were about to tie the knot because of their differences over Modi and his economic policies.

narendra modi south africa

The groom, a businessman, and the bride, a government employee, met to discuss how they were going to split the wedding expenses when the topic drifted to Modi – which is when their differences surfaced.

While the groom is a supporter of the Prime Minister and believes he is strengthening Indiaโ€™s economy, the bride thinks otherwise and is of the view that his policies go against the poor.

Ergo, as the story goes, the wedding was called off. While it is a strange reason to not marry someone, there have been more bizarre reasons than this – including a Kanpur woman cancelling her wedding because of a lack of toilet facilities in the groomโ€™s house, and another instance, where a wedding was called off because two families in Bangalore couldnโ€™t agree on what kind of biryani to serve at the wedding.


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