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Ayanda Mabulu Depicts Gupta In Sex Act With President Zuma

One of the works by the artist on exhibition at Constitutional Hill depicts President Jacob Zuma pleasuring the butt on one of the Gupta brothers‚ the naked Atul Gupta is posed doggy style‚ in an aircraft cockpit‚ and an ANC flag hanging to the side.

Urban dictionary defines the act as follows: rimming. The act of using one’s tongue on the anal rim of another person in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure. Insertion of the tongue is not necessary.

Another painting depicts the South African President, Jacob Zuma asleep on what resembles a throne with his genitalia exposed.

“The work is really aimed at the masters who are controlling our leader. And the Guptas are one of those masters. It’s not personal because it goes beyond the president‚” Mabula told Culture Review Magazine in an interview.

VIDEO‪#‎HlaudiMotsoeneng‬ must be so pissed that the SABC News interviewed ‪#‎ZuptaPainting‬ artist, ‪#‎AyandaMabulu‬ watch here:

The magazine says for Mabula‚ the work is not personal against Zuma but that the artist “cannot sit aside and mask what is happening by ‘being metaphorical’ in the approach to his work”.

The two new paintings are a response to allegations of state capture by the Gupta family and the constitutional court outcome regarding the Nkandla upgrades where it was determined that Zuma had failed to uphold‚ defend and respect the constitution.

“Why must I hide the truth when it is as blatant as the sun‚” Mabulu says in response to a question about his use of sexual scenarios in depicting the political leadership of the country.

According to the magazine‚ co-curator of the exhibition Asanda Madosi regards Mabulu’s work as an important part of the realities of a post state and believes that the artist has captured the current state of affairs in a manner that will have a historically lasting impact on the times that we live in.

You can see the image here (warning: graphic imagery).

Sources: Culture Review, TimesLive

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