Varun Dhawan Crotch Bulge Has Everyone Talking

CELEBRITY NEWS: Actor Varun Dhawan took to Instagram to share a picture of his eight-pack abs for his fans. While Dhawan’s fans were impressed with his developing physique, true connoisseurs of human anatomy noticed something else.

Varun Dhawan captioned the picture as:

“Morning workouts with @rohanbodysculptor. Trained non-stop for 3 months with my trainers for this movie. Give it all or nothing. #jaanemanaah”,

Varun Dhawan, Instagram

Varun Dhawan forgot to notice one thing which internet obviously DID NOTICE! And so it began. The comments were flooded with dick puns, “morning workouts” and people fawning over his “package”.

Instagram users had nothing better to do directing their attention to Varun Dhawan’s crotch, then this happened! (OUCH)

varun dhawan2_1468837209

From the looks of it, Dhawan probs realised that he maybe, probably, should have waited a minute or two before taking the photo.

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