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7 Things About Rohit Khandelwal You Don’t Know

Okay, so we know he won the title and made the entire Indian nation around the world proud. But how much do you know about the chap? Not much, we’re guessing. Here are 7 things about Rohit which would make you know him better.

1. Rohit is a Hyderabad lad, who continued his studies and went to college in the city of Nizams.

"Big things happen in life only when you think big " Thanks Sayan for another amazing click @sayansurroy

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2. Before trying his luck in modelling, Rohit was staff for SpiceJet and technical support assistant at the Dell Computers.

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3. He started with modelling and moved to TV shows while trying his luck in Mumbai. He worked in a couple of TV ads and shows including a jewellery ad with Kareena Kapoor, MTV Big F, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, etc.

4. In 2015, he won Mr India title in Mumbai. He also won two special awards at the contest, Stay-On Mr Active and Provogue Personal Care Best Actor.


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5. According to reports, he went against his father’s wishes to join the family business and try his luck in modelling. Yup, the dude certainly knows how to follow his heart.

6. Needless to say, the chap is pretty much into fitness and working out. He even shared his journey of transforming his physique on his instagram account with some really moving words.

Well ,It was during those monsoon days stepping into the city of dreams 3 years back -knowing no one , but Having strong faith that things will work out , you know why ? Because the Passion and Will was always stronger than the skill . Shifting from my city Hyderabad to Bombay I faced a lot of challenges , felt home sick , days of loneliness , betrayal and conned , cheated , put on weight but the faith never came down ! I never gave up because I knew failure is the only way to be successful ,You fail 99 times but you will get up the 100th time becoming the strongest. My journey has been like a chain every person linked to this chain has contributed something amazing in my life -to turn me into a strong man personally and professionally .Self help books were of great help in development as well. The journey which has started with no road map ,taking every opportunity and every job that came my way to being called my country India today is the best feeling ever !! I feel proud to be Representing my country . Always remember-You will never be able to escape from your heart ,So it's better to listen to what it has to say. I want to thank a lot of people without whom it would have been impossible to be here or imagine this day in my life My parents , brother , times of India team , friends for always supporting Need all your blessings and love The next 20 days are going to be the best phase of my life !?

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7. Reportedly, he also loves spending time and interacting with kids. Check out this cute video where he’s interacting with the little ones.

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