John Abraham: Bollywood Has Much To Learn

Bollywood actor John Abraham, along with his co-stars Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez, unleashed a series of fun events to promote their latest movie, Dishoom which releases 29 July worldwide. The starts have been promoting the film through the trailer and songs at various platforms like reality shows, fitness events, colleges among others.

At a recent radio interview, Abraham laid into Bollywood and their ineffective marketing tactics that are a waste of money but supporting that word of mouth is most important for the film to do well and the film industry is yet to grasp this fact.

“I believe that if your film is good, it’ll work, if it’s not good, it’ll not work, like when it doesn’t connect in a way. I just feel that the most important thing is word of mouth. So whatever we say about the film, I think it’s the film that has to speak for itself.

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“Like in advertising, there is a saying that 50 per cent of what we spend on advertising is waste, but we don’t know what 50 per cent. Similarly, during promotions, we don’t know what is effective and what is not effective. We follow a set template which, according to me, is very ineffective,” John said during a promotional event for his film “Dishoom” at a radio station.

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Asked about promotions getting hectic, John said: “It’s hectic if you’re wasting your time; if you’re enjoying it, it’s not hectic. Varun and me have two different takes on it. Varun loves going out there and pushing it.

“We are complete opposites, but that’s why we get along so well. If I am busy somewhere then Varun will go there and promote, and if he is busy, I promote. It’s a very unsaid relationship that we have and the audience understands, they see us and feel that the pair is special, fun, easy and not even forced.”

Varun said: “The bonding and banter between Kabir and Junaid (their characters) is what we are trying to bring out. Kabir and Junaid are extremely different in the film. Similarly in real life, we have different viewpoints.

“And that is what makes ‘Dishoom’ interesting. It’s a very unspoken bond that we have, eventually John Abraham means ‘Dishoom’ and Varun Dhawan means ‘Dishoom’.

Eventually all this (promotions) doesn’t matter, the film matters and the film is what talks; we can’t force people more than a level to see the film,” he added.

‘Dishoom’ releases on July 29. Watch the trailer by clicking here

Source: Radio Mirchi

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