UPDATE: Kajal Bagwandeen A Foster Mum

You no doubt recognise the beautiful Kajal from your TV screens. This hard-working presenter, actress, dancer and model keeps busy between her professional life to her personal.

With her regular updates on Twitter she just stole our hearts by sharing this picture!  Bagwandeen who already has a cute boy names Zeus and darling Zillah who also is the loves of her life! Kajal just told us now that she already has applicants but being a mom means she will do house checks first!

‘There’s a first for everything! It’s not easy being a foster mum.This little girl has stolen my heart.’

LATEST UPDATE: So just this moment Kajal just told us that this cute bunch of woofs has now got a permanent home! Well done Kajal!

Contemplating her new life ❤️ #fosterdog #puppylove #cutie #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #willmissyou

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Aww this is so cute! Happy days Kajal! #AdoptDontShop

We know that Zeus will take care of his little foster sister for now!

And Zillah now a temp mommy!

Got Milk? ?? #mygirl #gotmilk #cutie #goldenoldie #boxer #boxerdog #Zillah #love #dogsofinstagram #dogloversofinstagram

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Sources: Twitter, Instagram

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