Not Milk, Cow Urine Is Gold In India

Last month researchers at an agricultural university found gold particles in urine of cows in the region of Gujarat. A report by Bloomberg states that cow urine is selling like hot cakes in India for reasons that do not include people trying to find gold particles in it.

According to the report, cow urine has become a priced possession everywhere, the Narendra Modi government and their programs over the past two years to protect the animal, which includes a ban on beef slaughter.

“Around 30 remedies can be prepared at home with cow urine,” Sunil Mansinghka, chief coordinator at Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, a cow-focused research organization in Nagpur told Bloomberg.

Many believe that cow urine can treat ailments too. K. Shankar Rao, director of the National Institute of Ayurveda, had told The Wire that many ayurvedic texts talk about treatment of ailments from eight types of urine: cow, buffalo, goat, camel, sheep, donkey, horse and human.

The Bloomberg report also notes that the bestselling product of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is also made of cow urine. It’s a cow urine-based floor-cleaner.

“We prepare 20 tons of Gaunyle (made of cow urine) a day and still can’t meet demand,” managing director Acharya Balkrishna told Bloomberg.

Dr. Virendra Kumar Jain, who owns a cow-urine therapy clinic in Indore, holds a patent on formulating a herbal medicine using cow urine. Over the past two decades, Jain’s center has administered urine-derived medicines to 1.2 million patients even for treatment of cancer.

Read the Bloomberg report here.

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