Sareshen Pillay Reveals His Life Has Been Threatened

Sareshen Pillay, a popular Durban news reporter at an Indian ethnic station  has been receiving threats on his life for posting images of an accident that occurred on Higginson highway near Mobeni Heights in KwaZulu Natal.

sareshen pillay
Popular Durban radio journalist, Sareshen Pillay

The victim of the accident had passed away and the family is adamant on not letting Pillay’s decision to post the visuals of the accident scene off the hook so easily.. The photos posted on social media has apparently caused them distress and with an unknown persons assistance they managed to source the radio journalist’s mobile number.

Pillay revealed today, 20th July 2016 on Facebook that he has reached absolute levels of tolerance with the family in question that has harassed and threatened to kill him. Pillay deleted the social media post after discussing with a member of their family.

However, Pillay has received some disturbing voice messages that has now led to a serious case of victimisation with intention of harm to him. The matter has been reported to the authorities. Pillay ended off his public message on Facebook stating his condolences to the bereaved family, but as he has revealed, his life is still in danger..

‘To the parents, once again I am sorry for your loss.’

– Sareshen Pillay, SABC Radio Journalist

Source: Facebook

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