Lisa Ray’s Poetry Is Out Of This World!

I still remember when I fell in love with Bollywood VS Hollywood star Lisa Ray! She was my ultimate Indian girl on the big screen! Then she was diagnosed with cancer. I wrote this 6 years ago on Indianspice. And my girl is now still rocking her writing skills!

Lisa Ray inspired millions of people when she battled cancer and gave life a second chance. Apart from being an inspirational woman, Lisa Ray has time and again said apt things about life, cancer and how she survived such a deadly disease.


Lisa Ray has always had her way with words and looks like she’s in a mood to be pretty serious about it. Lisa has started writing poems and she even made an Instagram page, where she posts her poems.

From writing about rebellious women to writing about nature, Lisa Ray is now a full-time poet too it seems. She took to twitter to introduce her page to her fans and followers. She tweeted:

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