Heal Your Soul With This Kashmiri Sufi Song

Sniti Mishra is a trained vocalist in Hindustani classical music who appeared for the first time in the Zee TV musical reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar. She had been associated with Indo-Swedish Fusion jazz band Mynta.

Lyrics with English translation

Peer myanio geer dil gom yaad aasaino
o my spiritual mentor my heart is surrounded by the pool of gloom,,dont you feel it

Veerwun chhus taar deetom yaad aasaino
i am miserably sinking and needs to be taken ashore,,dont you see it

Khoone oushke naamé lekhmai jaamë shooban chi zaree
using the ink of my tears i wrote to you ,the one with golden attire.

Loulë sadrikh laal soumbrith dedi chaane mai jaree
i scoured the depths of love ocean and selected a few jewels to adorn your shrine

harnë chashman sourmë pashpyom yaad aasaino.
the smog of my gazel like eyes got washed away ,,dont you see it

nazari chaane daëd balnam posh pholnam dadwanas
your kind eye will be panacea for me to heal all my ailments and bloom the barren and desolate lands

loul waare neri phulya pheri shehjaar yaawnas
the garden of love will blossom and youth will get rejuvenated

kyaazi sountas hardë rang gom,yaad aasaino
why my spring was so overshadowed by autumn..don’t you see it

soukhtë kournam ashkë naaran noukhtë chhim gaámit dilas
the fire of love baked me and my heart has visible pores

chaani naawech moukhtë haankal shoob chham na manzilas
the rosary of your name is the hallmark of my every destination

poukhtë sounsui traam sapdyom yaad aasaino
my gold like personality got depreciated to mere copper, dont you see it

misle yousuf chhukh tchë aawur maane kadaan khaabnui
like prophet joseph you are busy in deciphering the dreams

husnë chhanuik gaah deeshith paarë gayi betaabnui
the luster of your beauty rendered every eager one captivated.

Ashke shraake dil mai katryom yaad aasai no..
i pierced my heart with the knife of love,, don’t you see it


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