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Does This Mother Kali Image Upset You?

This is 17-year-old, Mumbai-based artist Priyanka Paul. She has taken creative license in transforming centuries old Goddesses into modern day artistic expressions.

"Those clothes are for thin girls. Not for you." Because we thrive on visual pleasure and my body doesn't cater to it, and hence it should be disregarded. We teach young girls and boys that their bodies are of the highest importance. We stress on change rather than acceptance. We'd rather have good bodies than accepting hearts and it scares me. And we do a huge disservice to ourselves when we do that. We impose our self-created restrictions on people because we can. As a fat person, I do a huge disservice to myself when I separate the word fat from myself and weight it on one side and on the other side I weigh everything else that I am. And living up to it's name, fat weighs me down.I am a lot of things, but you will not see that because you don't want to and neither will I. My fat pulls at my skin and tugs at my bones, but it's no longer even a physical aspect, it's just all on our minds lugging us into believing that fat inherently is bad. Being fat is okay. It is. I don't mind it. You shouldn't either. No one should. Don't deny your natural state to yourself. Don't cut yourself down to size metaphorically. #portrait #selfportrait #Body #HumanBody #FemaleBody #BodyShaming #FatShaming #Fat #Feminism #LoveYourBody #Bod #YouAreNotYourFat #YouareNotYourBody #Beauty #BeautyStandards #Weight #Size #Sizes #LoveYourself #Garden #Ethnic #PalazzoPants

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She recently did a series on female goddesses in which she reimagined goddesses from cultures across the world as modern-day women, inspired from Indian poet Harnidh Kaur’s poem, “Pantheon”.

In a recent interview she stated, “It [the series] talks about oppression across cultures, and the reclaiming of female bodies, sexualities and voices across different cultures. The point of them being goddesses was to put across the idea of women today being goddesses like the mythological ones — strong, fierce, and epitomes of feminine divinity.”

You can buy prints of these from RedBubble and PosterGully. You can also follow her work on Instagram.

This is the Indian goddess of power, Kali.

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