Add A Splash Of Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

Remember having your amma thump your head to ensure the coconut oil seeps into your brain. Now try some in your beverage.

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NOW Adding some to your morning cup of coffee would be tremendous! These are the health reasons to join this trend.


You get some extra energy

For most people, coffee is all about getting that kick early in the morning or mid-day when they feel sluggish. No doubt caffeine is good for energy but trust us coconut oil is even better. Virgin coconut oil is quickly absorbed by the body and helps in giving some extra boost.

Improves your metabolism

Adding coconut oil can help to improve your metabolism, the medium chain triglycerides present in the coconut oil quickly and efficiently converts calories into fuel for your body.

Gives a boost to your immune system

The benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there! A huge 50% of coconut oil fatty acids is Lauric Acid. It is mostly found in breast milk and this healthy fat has antimicrobial properties. According to researchers it can be used for treating the flu, common cold, cold sores, and many other diseases.

How to make it?

The best way to prepare a good coconut coffee drink is to brew a high quality organic cup of coffee and place it in a blender. Add in one tablespoon of organic coconut oil, mix and enjoy. To add more taste to your coffee you can add some honey and a cinnamon stick to it.

Do not indulge this during the evening as you will not be able to sleep as you will have a energy rush of note!

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