Salman Khan

Salman Heads Back To Court Like Pistorius!

To give you some familiarity with Bollywood’s Salman Khan’s case over the acquittal in the poaching case just think Oscar Pistorius – THE DRAMA!

Salman Khan may have been acquitted in both the chinkara cases recently, but looks like he’s still quite far away from respite. Recently the disappeared driver case resurfaced and he said how he’d have told the truth about Salman killing the chinkaras, had he been given police protection. And now, according to reports, Rajasthan government  is contemplating challenging the actor’s acquittal in the Supreme Court.

Salman Khan

Harish Dulani, a purportedly missing key witness in alleged chinkara (Indian Gazelle) and blackbuck poaching cases involving actor Salman Khan in Jodhpur, appeared before media persons Wednesday asserting that he stands by his statements.

“I have said what I wanted to say in courts. I was a driver with them for a week. I was threatened and hence I went out (of Jodhpur). I just need protection…I said what I wanted to say in courts, now I don’t want to comment on it. Yes, I stand by my statement and if court summons me, I will go. When was I missing?” Dulani said.

Ay Rabba!

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