Check How Well The Puppy Thrown Off Terrace Is Doing Now!

Shravan Krishnan posted this video of the dog that was thrown off a terrace, the puppy is doing extremely well even though suffering serious injury. A happy ending as the perpertrators have been caught!

The last 3 days has been extremely overwhelming for us. We would like to thank the Chennai Police and our friends from the media . They have been taking this issue up seriously and giving it maximum coverage. Chennai Memes for being extremely helpful in many ways. Animal welfare activist all over India who have been giving us their support and inputs. Lastly, I want to thank all the wonderful people of Chennai who stood by us , shared and spoke about it all over social media and help us find these culprits in less than 3 hours. You guys are all awesome. We assure you that we would continue to fight for Bhadra till we get justice

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