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How Pokemon GO Is Defeating Autism

Little Ralphie is running around catching Pokemon in the playground. He begged his mom to come here after catching his first Pokemon at a bakery. He sees some other children in the park and starts jumping up and down yelling ‘POKEMON!!’ Others kids are responding too. Ralphie’s mother is in tears because her autistic child is interacting with other children and making friends. All thanks to Pokemon GO.

Ralphie’s mom wrote a Facebook note describing the experience. She was in shock when her son wanted to ditch his rigid schedule and play Pokemon GO.

autism children success

“Talking to people. Verbalizing. Participating in speech. With total strangers. Looking up at them. Sometimes even in the eye. Laughing with them. Sharing something in common. This is AMAZING,” she wrote. “MY AUTISTIC CHILD IS SOCIALIZING!”

Ralphie Koppelman is just one instance where a child with autism, thanks to the Pokemon GO game, is opening up and socializing with other people. Autistic children are talking to others and asking them for tips and tricks as well.

“If a kid walks up to him and says ‘Hey! Want to play a game with me?’ he might squeal and flap his hands and shriek, and then want to run around in circles around them, laughing with excitement,” his mother Lenore Koppelman told HuffPost.

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