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I Don’t Worship Cows, I Want To Eat One

Having a culture fuck of multiple religions in one home is interesting more so, when I am a spiritually grounded person with strict values upon the consumption of non vegetarian dishes.


When my friends round up a Saturday afternoon for drinks, 30 Seconds and food they know not to expect any Oink or Moo on the menu and they respect that as much as I respect their choice to consume those food items when I visit. It doesn’t faze me nor does it taint my opinion of them.

I don’t care much when it comes to beef as I do not consume it due to my religious beliefs shoved down my throat as a child that the cow is considered the mother.

I recall my days in Verulam where my ‘Thatha’ or – grandfather for you non desi’s – would beam with pride as he got my siblings and I on our knees and hands spreading generous amounts of cow dung in the backyard which is also considered holy.

My questioning mind eventually in my early twenties confirmed my choice that I will continue to avoid beef at any cost. This was not because I believe its crap is a gift from God but that I developed a dietary system that aligned my body in a perfect balance. Some days I would enjoy fish, avoid any non-veg items on Meat Free Mondays and so on.

Purtassi, Thaipusam and other religious observances saw me eliminate any meat and meat by products at any cost to ensure my deliverance of prayers was accepted by the divine. I am not afraid of God but love Her/Him.

But I have no problem with you choosing to smack down a Quarter Pounder Deluxe from McD’s.

You see, I am not prepared to become a person with terrorist values. Terrorism is a bad thing whether it be ISIS to a Hindu with extremist beliefs like Modi’s RSS who’ve in the recent months banned beef in Indian states.

Hindu foodie terrorists – you are as extreme as ISIS and accept the label terrorist as much as I don’t mind my niece loving her Happy Meal. The soul of our Indian culture, history and religious beliefs can sometimes awaken the terrorist in you.

Shah Rukh Khan came out on Twitter with an epic definition of religion which we all should take heed before beef shaming or pork banging out someone who enjoys those foods you don’t.


So in other words, my body is a temple so is yours, well, it just might look like the inside of Nagiah’s and I still love you irrespective.

Om Sai Ram, Namo Namah, Shukran, #ByeFelicia

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