Mmusi Maimane To Slaughter Cow Upsets Indians

Port Elizabeth – On Sunday Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane addressed constituents and stated he is overwhelmed with the province and believes that the DA is the party to lead the Nelson Mandela Metro Bay.

Maimane is confident of winning the Metro in the upcoming municipal elections and has promised to slaughter a cow for the DA’s victory celebrations in the Metro, incorporating Port Elizabeth, Despatch and Uitenhage.

mmusi maimane

This hasn’t gone down well with the Indian community with some in favor of the slaughtering ceremony and some who are against it. However, South African Indians share a similar ceremonial ritual of slaughter of animals and can identify with the African tradition.

Dr. Rajendran Thangavelu Govender commented, “Slaughtering a cow or a goat is part of the culture of traditional African societies. This is done in order to communicate with the ancestors to inform them of some good news. Although I am a Hindu that will not subscribe to these practices, I will respect the practices of other cultural groupings.”

Livashlin Naidoo stated that, “The cow might be holy to Hindus but people still eat it… and I feel if one can eat chicken or goat or sheep then cow is just the same. My personal opinion is against animal slaughter altogether. However Mmusi Maimane’s cultural roots give him justification in doing so. Essentially, it’s a practice that clashes the views of two cultural backgrounds, whether one is right or wrong is a subject matter.”

Others were upset with the DA leader,

This is pathetic. How could he even think of that, we worship Nandi (cow).

Lynell P stated, “I think slaughtering a cow is unnecessary. However, many South Africans have become so accustomed to the state of our nation, that we don’t realize just how incredibly bad the situation actually is.

So from a logical stance, I still feel that we need different leadership to move our country forward. Currently, the DA is the only party who seems to be equipped to make a positive change.”

On social media some commented that, “Indians shouldn’t be kicking up a fuss about slaughtering a cow as this is the month of Aadi and many are slaughtering chickens and goats like crazy!”

Can Maimane proceed with the cow slaughter?
In terms of the draft by-laws,  Maimane would need submit an application to slaughter to the municipality 14 days before the event and slaughtering should be done in an enclosed environment out of the public eye.

The right continue to slaughter of animals as a religious and cultural practice was finalised in 2011 by the Commission on the Rights of Culture and Religion.

The commission recommended that communities continue to slaughter animals for cultural and religious purposes, but that care be taken to consider the rights of other people who might be sensitive to the practice.

The Indian vote counts in this municipal election but this position of the cow slaughter might sway numbers of the Indian community vote from the DA to alternative parties. Mmusi has promised to slaugher the cow, but first he has to win the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

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