Vaastu Shastra “Because Space Matters”

The word “Vaastu” or “Vastu” means ‘dwelling’ or ‘abode’ and “Shastra” means a science or doctrine. Vaastu Shastra is essentially the science of Indian architecture.

While the scope of modern architecture and design places emphasizes on functional & aesthetic effectiveness of a structure, Vaastu Shastra extends this scope to include the “metaphysical” aspects of human life. Other Indian metaphysical philosophies like Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta have achieved seamless integration into modern societies, with acknowledgement of their effectiveness.

Vanishree’s proclivity towards the Vedic sciences and intuitive nature makes her a sincere practitioner in the application of Vaastu Shastra. Her qualifications, methodology and repertoire of skills incorporate both the traditional and scientific perspectives of Vaastu Shastra, with modern adaptations.

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Booking is essential to attend the presentation, due to limited seating. Strictly by invitation only. No under 21yrs.   RSVP your attendance no later than Wednesday 20 July 2016.

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About: Vanishree is a senior faculty member of the Art of Living Foundation, with over 17 years of facilitation experience in the field of personal self-development. The Art of Living Foundations Programs incorporate yogic tools, breathing techniques, life skills and meditation.

Vanishree has taught 100s of programs and touched the lives of thousands of people across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and other African countries. She passionately continues to inspire people to lead fulfilled & dynamic lives. read more here

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