Varun Dhawan: Keen To Go Nude For Movie

Varun Dhawan has been on our radar the past month thanks to his forthcoming release of Dishoom starring alongside John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez .  Recently, there was that very interesting infamous workout picture! Some stupid people thought that Varun had an erection however it wasn’t. It was just his bulge in his pants and fans had a field day commenting on it.

A few days later Varun tweeted a response on his twitter account saying that he didn’t know that his dick size would matter so much!

Indianspice’s resident Bollywood Bitch took it upon herself to investigate the matter since Carte Blanche turned her down to give the story to Devi Sankaree-Govender. The Bollywood Bitch gave us a very detailed and visual representation of why Varun’s crown jewels were giving his fans something to ogle upon. Read the story here

And now in a recent interview, Varun opened about the matter and spoke about onscreen nudity. First of all, he spoke about the social media trolls. But what about his thoughts on a nude sequence on the big screen?

He adds, “I won’t say no to a nude sequence. But the scene needs to be approached artistically and, more importantly, it shouldn’t be off-putting, I don’t want to do anything just for the sake of it or for shock value.”

We’re sure his fans would be really ecstatic about that news! And what if a film with an aesthetically shot scene doesn’t click with the masses? “I am an extremely grounded person. When I goof up, it’s my fault. I don’t try to defend myself. Doing the right thing is always hard, but satisfying,” , adding that Bollywood is replete with passionate and talented people but sometimes wavelengths don’t match. True that!


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