Varun Dhawan Talks About His Bulge

So Varun Dhawan’s Instagram post workout at gym where he flaunted his 8 pack drew quite a considerable amount  of attention. Fans forgot about his rock hard abs and directed their hysteria to that bulge in his pants which became the subject of interest for many of them.

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So yesterday Varun left Mumbai to go promote #TenDaysToDishoom in Jaipur and now that he is back home it seems he has managed to catch up on the gossip over that very picture. It seems from his Twitter post an hour ago that he is very flattered.

This is what he had to say: 

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Varun Dhawan’s Bulge Investigation

As the resident Bollywood Bitch here at Indianspice, I’ve had emails, calls and more about that bulge. Some from ladies and guys who’s asked I clarify that ‘bulge’.

So here it is! After speaking to some gym mates at Virgin Active where I train, they were in agreement it was clear as day that Varun Dhawan’s bulge was just that. It wasn’t a hard on, men can accentuate their family jewels with what Varun Dhawan was wearing.

We are pretty sure that Varun is an Andrew Christian underwear man. The technology behind this type of underwear is explained below.




READ: When Varun Dhawan’s Abs Lost Out To His Bulge
BUT If your man or you are still wearing these you are NEVER going to score points.

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