WTF: Salman Khan Threatens Ranveer Singh!

It was indeed a shock the way Sultan actor reacted to Bajirao Mastani hero’ s recent antic while watching his film in a theatre…
Salman Khan is mighty pissed with Ranveer Singh for dancing to Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai at a screening of Sultan in a theatre. The superstar minced no words to express his disgust about Ranveer’s recent jig that made headlines and helped Sultan get more mileage. Salman and his Sultan co star Anushka Sharma met the press in Panvel where the team is celebrating their movie’s stupendous success. The actor in an interview reprimanded Ranveer and said, ” I wanted to break a chair on his head. Watch the film, don’t do stunts. They are not watching Sultan, he is making people watch him there. We should charge money from him”.
While the actor said the above statement in jest. One cannot ignore the fact that Khan has a sarcastic sense of humour . We bet Singh will be super upset on reading this remark made the Sultan hero. It is not uncommon sight in the movie halls for Salman Khan fans to break into song and dance while watching his film. So it was kind of mean for Salman to call Ranveer’s this sweet gesture a publicity gimmick.

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