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Meet the team that’s bringing you the best Indian lifestyle news of South Africa and the Indian diaspora from around the world!

lakshya malhotraLakshya Malhotra, Editor

She’s been with Indianspice before it was anything, her craft of being a super legal eagle comes first BUT she just could not stop writing. Based in New York with humble beginnings,

Twitter: @luxshya | email:

bitchSanchita Mahajan, the Bollywood Bitch

New to Indianspice, she is a veteran when it comes to Bollywood. You cannot afford to not let her know what’s cooking when it comes to Bollywood. She will be working on good things Indian and everything  Bollywood. And as her avatar explains, she is kind of a loose nut.

We’ve never seen so many Bollywood posters in one apartment ever!

Twitter: @spiceofb | email:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.08.55 PMGita Pather, Director of Wits Theatre, Contributing Columnist

Wits Theatre Director packs a serious gusto of opinion that resonates with the South African community. Ms Pather has a distinguished career spanning the professional performing arts, education, television, advertising and marketing arenas. She has accumulated 28 years’ consummate experience in both the creative and executive fields, having served in a number of major performing arts institutions in SA.

Twitter: @GitaPather | email:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.10.28 PMAlushka Rajaram, Columnist

Based in Australia, her ties to India are less about India itself and more about paying homage to the people who paved the way for her path into the world. The people who chose and were subsequently chosen by the land.

For now, her personal sense of self aims to encompass everything I believe I am and love – Australia has captured my heart. India runs through my veins. And South Africa has won my soul.

Twitter: @alushkarajaram | email:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.11.51 PMStaff Reporters, 4 writers

These 4 amazing people have joined us on the crusade to keep the spice flowing. Writing a variety of topics of interest and picking up your stories that you send to us.

It is our ambitious goal to cover issues/events/news concerning various South Asian countries as well as of those concerning various diasporic locations. In addition, our writers will write on anything else they feel is important, interesting, funny, or moderately insulting to anyone who passes the roti on the right hand side.

Twitter: @spiceofi | email:

12662513_875454312553564_1787695609451940974_nNaufal Khan, Publisher

Publisher and editor-in-chief, tasked with the unenviable role of trying to find magical money from advertisers, a growth hacker, part brand marketer. I try and keep church and state in their territories with these people above. Free spirited thinker, author and opinion maker….a passion for digital publishing, South African first, Indian by descent alive with Indianspice sharing the best of South African Indian news and diaspora content with the world!

Twitter: @naufalkhan | email:


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