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Daily News Meets With Satish Dhupelia

Satish Dhupelia was invited to a meeting with Alan Dunn, editor of Daily News to discuss the matter of the article Indians Benefit From Apartheid’ which angered the South African Indian community, the article went viral on social media since last week Saturday.

Apartheid & Indians
Satish Dhupelia took to social media to air his views relating to article published by the ‘Daily News’ titled, “Indians Benefitted from Apartheid”.

The outcome of the meeting according to Dhupelia was that the contents article was in bad taste and did not contribute to positive nation building. The paper has committed to creating stories that maintain an element of social cohesion, nation building and positive content which will contribute to the greater good of society.

The paper indirectly apologized that their intention was not to divide the people of this country, cause friction or put out information that created incorrect perceptions, however they did.

The editor also went on to advise Dhupelia that on a weekly basis the paper prints more words than the entire Old Testament, and occasionally one or two things do slip through that should not be there.  In our opinion the damage has been done where it should never have occurred in the first place.


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