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Please Masturbate It’s Healthy

Masturbation has a bad reputation! According to the research most women over the age of 18 have at least tried once exploring themselves but very few women do so routinely. Scientifically masturbation is normal. It’s enjoyable and a healthy experience.

Anything to do to with sex and everything having a sexual inclination is considered taboo. People refrain from discussing about their sex life and their sexual frustrations in a healthy manner. Women in this video address this problem and nudge others to talk freely about masturbation, for it is a very natural thing to talk about.

The message of the video is pretty clear; shag, don’t rape. Hail masturbation! Yes, since it is safe, natural and very normal, there is nothing wrong talking about it. Another huge misconception is that Indian girls don’t masturbate. Many people have many myths and wrong notions when it comes to shagging. People still believe that their eyesight will get affected by masturbation or that there will be excessive hair growth on their hands if they indulge in masturbation.

It makes us cringe thinking how could people be so ignorant. By not talking about these things, there are so many issues related to anything and everything to do with sex. Provided if done hygienically, masturbation is absolutely normal and healthy. Nobody likes to address the issue, some people turn a blind eye towards it.

It is now high time to put the taboo of women masturbating away.

Also there is a good news for you ladies out there that masturbation is not only good for you but also for your relationships.

So it is time for you to indulge in some self-exploration, dim the lights burn some scented candles and let the self discovery start. Here we have listed few health benefits of it:

Makes you a happier person

Any sort of pleasure makes people feel good and especially when you get an orgasm your body releases the hormones endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin which can instantly lift up your mood.

You get to know your body

It is very important to know your body because it is going to be with you forever. And to be friends with your body you need to explore it.

It can perk up your sex life

The self exploration process allows you to explore your body and find out what makes you feel the best.

Once you figure out what makes you feel the best you can let your partner know to make the experience more fulfilling for both of you.

Helps you sleep better

Orgasms help you to relax physically and emotionally. Most people tend to sleep better after masturbating because it makes you calmer and relaxed after.

It relieves stress

Masturbation is almost like doing yoga, it makes you more relaxed and gets you turn off all the tension. Self stimulation is one of the most effective way to relieve stress.

There are no downsides to it

Remember one thing that nothing bad can happen from doing it, you can’t catch any infection, you can’t get pregnant and you will not get sick. It’s a feel good thing which is not going to have any negative effect.

We Indians are known to be hypocrites. People bring in unnecessary elements of Indian culture and even religion into the whole conversation. When talking about how such things we suddenly find that they are offensive to our culture and religion. Not only are we a bunch of hypocrites but also ignorant.

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