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Bollywood Women Say No To Fairness Creams

Many celebrities including Anushka Sharma and Kalki Koechlin have taken a stand against not endorsing fairness creams. It definitely takes a lot of guts for stars to say no to endorsement deals and share their opinions with their fans.

In a recent press conference, actress Diana Penty expressed her reasons on why she won’t endorse  fairness creams. According to her, actors “need to be responsible” while signing endorsements. In an interview with HT, she said:

diana penty

“I will never endorse a fairness cream. It is important for actors to relate to what they are promoting. I would probably take on something that I would either use or relate to. I would definitely not endorse something that I’m completely against.”

Even though she had endorsed a compact powder in 2009, she clarified her stand to say, “It was a compact that was available in many shades, and one could choose the shade one likes.”

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