sanatan kriya
Yogi Ashwini of the Dhyan Foundation

Healing Yourself With Sanatan Kriya

sanatan kriya
Yogi Ashwini of the Dhyan Foundation

The physical body consists of five elements in various permutations and combinations. These elements are controlled by the dimension of colour. Everything in creation has a colour to it. Even the colourless is a colour and every colour has a specific frequency. Everything looks the way it does because it is in a state of balance as it is vibrating at a specific frequency.

If there is an imbalance in any of these colours or energy, the manifestation happens in colours, which further effects the object which maybe the physical body that we are talking about in this case. That distortion is called a disease, also called imbalance in Ayurveda. To correct that imbalance, there are various powerful techniques given in Sanatan Kriya under the topic of self-healing. For example, if you have an upset stomach, the primary constituting colours of stomach are – green and light saffron. By introducing the right shade of these colours into the stomach in the prescribed quantities, the stomach will automatically resume its normal functioning.

The science of colours is very closely linked with the science of sound. When creation began, first sound manifested and from it emerged various hues and colours, which finally took the form of the elements and physical body that normal eyes can see. Therefore to affect a change in the physical body, one utilizes the dimension of colours which in turn is governed by specific sounds and mantras. There is a specific mantra detailed in the Sanatan Kriya, ‘ram’.

When it is chanted keeping awareness of the form of your Guru in front of you, you can see and access the colour and energy of saffron which then can be utilized for healing the stomach.

For this, sit in any comfortable position and keep your fingertips pointing towards the navel with palms and fingers on both sides of the stomach. Close your eyes and becoming aware of your guru figure in front of you, start with the slow, soft and deep chant of the mantra, ram. After sometime your body will start heating up, continue with the chant, now internally, and redistribute the prana so generated into the affected areas of stomach.

Yogi Ashwini is the spiritual head and guiding light of Dhyan Foundation

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