love matters in relationships

Do Not Neglect The Basics In ?

In a committed relationship, there are essential elements that cannot, and should not be neglected. You have to stick to the basics. In relationships do not neglect the basics!

I am no relationship expert. With that said, I’ll let you know that this article is based on personal life experiences, external observations, book knowledge acquired, and finally, expert advice that I have directly received over the decades. The expert advice comes from the likes of Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Bill Burr, and Juanita from the block. That being said, you know that there will be a massive body of knowledge in here.


This is probably one of the most important aspects in a relationship. All other aspects may be on point, but if you lack communication, then you will eventually fail. In fact, communication is key in addressing any issues, including issues revolving around the other aspects. How can you be intimate, without communication? How can you have trust, without communication? Communication is critical, so make sure you share and talk with your life partner.


Shared intimacy is so important. Mind you, when talking about intimacy, I’m not just referring to sex. I’m talking about holding hands, cuddling, feeling each other’s body warmth, skin, and sharing other intimate moments. Of course sex factors into it, but its not the only aspect of intimacy. But yeah, make sure you have sex with your partner, that’s kind of very important.


love matters in relationships

You have to have trust, without it, you’ll never have peace. You either trust them, or you don’t. If you don’t, then understand that you will forever live either in a world of misery, or your time together will be extremely limited. Distrust leads to all sorts of behavioral, jealousy, and possessiveness issues. It’s really bad business, and most of you know how I feel about that. If you don’t, then watch this video!

Neglecting any of those basics is a recipe for heartache and disaster. I don’t understand how anyone can neglect these things, and still think that everything will be okay. No, it will not be okay, because it is not okay to neglect the basics. Doing so will almost always bring about dire consequences. You may get hurt, they may get hurt, a third party may get hurt, but someone or everyone is gonna get hurt. That’s just the way it goes.

In some cases, the consequences may come sooner, in others they may come later. But, the end result, I promise you, will always be the same. Heartache and failure. Although, in some cases, you can end up getting lucky, and things somehow work out for the better. But that’s pretty rare.

This may not necessarily be a bad person, and they may not intend to hurt you. The problem is that we are all human, and that void which you leave unfulfilled, it will most certainly be met by another person. That’s just how it is, human nature. The heart wants and needs what the heart wants and needs. If the committed partner is not meeting those needs, well, like I said, someone else will come along and end up bridging the gap. The universe has a way of providing that which you need in life. It’s almost as if you are silently broadcasting what you desire, and someone who also wants that picks up the invisible signal. It’s quite fascinating really.

This never fails, trust me. I have seen it time and time again. I have been guilty of it, and the victim of it myself. The greatest of men and women, people much smarter and stronger than any of us have proven this to be true, time and time again.

Do not neglect the basics! But if you do, you’d better be fully prepared to suffer the aforementioned consequences. These are just the facts of life.

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