Hlaudi Motsoeneng Tells Parliament To Get Stuffed!

South African Broadcasting Corporation COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been laying low the past few weeks after a series of blows to his ego which is nursed by Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

After several weeks of quiet, the Hlaudi Motsoeneng noise is back again. On Tuesday, he and Communications Minister Faith Muthambi, appeared before parliament’s communications committee.

hlaudi sabc
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What followed was vintage Motsoeneng. The committee had agreed in principle to a parliamentary enquiry into the SABC, according to The Times.

But – surprise, surprise, the ANC’s MPs were whipped into line and the inquiry was dismissed, emboldening Motsoeneng, who then accused the MPs of not being honourable.

This from the story:

“[They] are not adhering to the oath that they have taken especially honourable member here of the DA [Phumzile van Damme]. How are we going to respect this committee? You should also be honourable. Some members are not honourable in this case,” said Motsoeneng, before being ordered to retract his statement by Committee Chairman Humphrey Maxegwana.

Motsoeneng asked: “Why should I account to you when you don’t give us money?”

He said some political parties “collude with certain print media and certain commercial broadcasters. We are aware.”

The committee also intended to discuss SABC’s legal battles and the implementation of an ICASA ruling that ordered the SABC to withdraw its decision not to broadcast footage of violent protest action.

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Several SABC journalists were recently suspended after speaking out against issues inside the SABC. All but one of those, contracted journalist Vuyo Mvoko, have since returned to work after the Labour Court ruled in their favour.

“We need a thorough inquiry which takes place over a week, or even two, so that we can deal with those issues,” Van Damme said.  She said rule 227 of the National Assembly allowed the committee to conduct such an inquiry.

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Source: The Times, Rand Daily Mail

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