Kathrada and Hogan in solidarity with Gordhan

Anti-apartheid struggle veterans Ahmed Kathrada and Barbara Hogan have expressed their support for Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

ahmed kathrada barbara hogan
Struggle stalwarts, Ahmed Kathrada & Barbara Hogan support Pravin Gordhan

The two veterans today penned a letter to Gordhan, whom they addressed as “Friend, Comrade and Freedom Fighter”.

This follows news this week of Gordhan being instructed to appear before the Hawks, and his subsequent refusal to do so.

Kathrada and Hogan indicated that they, like countless South Africans, have been following “with interest and increasing anxiety, the undisguised campaign against you (Gordhan), both as Minister and as an individual. Of significance is, putting it mildly, the not-too-glorious background of your main accusers. They can never succeed in hiding this.”

The veterans said that they were immensely pleased that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa had publicly supported Gordhan. “Barbara and I had been aware that our lone voices of support and solidarity for you may not be of any significance.

This was until this morning, when we read the bold front-page headline in The Star: “Pravin has Cyril’s backing”.

Not surprising, but immensely spirit-lifting. We can now proudly claim that Cyril has echoed the feelings and voices of the vast majority of well-meaning South Africans.”

The veterans noted, “Dear Pravin, we recall your courageous and consistent struggle record as a freedom fighter and later as Minister.

Try as they may; no mischievous elements will succeed in their nefarious efforts to dent your contribution. Certainly not in South Africa, and not in the world. Keep strong.”

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