Mini Meditation Breaks To Help In Daily Routine

Meditation doesn’t mean that you only need to sit in a quiet room with legs crossed and closed eyes, it is all about mindfulness. You can practice it while eating, sleeping and even while brushing or taking a bath. According to science, meditation has many health benefits; it helps to reduce depression, pain and also helps increase creativity. Here we have listed a few new age meditation techniques, which you can easily do while doing your day to day tasks:

1. While walking

If you get even fifteen minutes of undisturbed walking during the day then try and make the most of it. Your thoughts might wander, let them, but gently bring them back and try to concentrate on your breathing or even the sensation of your feet touching the ground.

2. While eating

When you take the first bite of any meal, just take a moment to really pay attention to the taste.

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Look at the food carefully, feel the ingredients of your food in mouth, smell it and notice how your body responds to it. You don’t need to practice it throughout, but do practice it every now and then to practice mindfulness.

3. While taking a break

What do we do when we take break? Check mails, facebook or talk to people on phone, isn’t it? It is time to change this habit. For sometime take yourself away from all the gadgets. Try and be in that moment, mindfulness is not about trying to make sense of anything around but being in that moment.

4. Mindful brushing

It might sound a little funny, but you can meditate while brushing. Try to concentrate on the chore and really experience it. Notice how the brush moves over your teeth and the taste of the toothpaste.

5. Simply breathe

During the day take out some time to just breathe. Focus your mind on how it feels when you breathe, notice the air moving within your body and when you breathe it out. You certainly won’t feel out of this world when you will practice it for first few days, but slowly you will see the difference.

6. Feel the nature

If you are walking in a park or any green space for that matter, then grab the opportunity for some mindfulness meditation. As you stand, sit or walk, try to become more aware of nature around. It’s doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as your attention is focused on the present moment.

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