A Rajinikanth Movie Coming Soon!

Biopics are the latest fad in Indian Cinema and Indians have always wholeheartedly accepted stories of their favorite real life and reel life heroes.

Rajinikanth, who has earned his godly status down south is one hell of an icon for reasons more than one. If you’re a Rajinikanth fan too, here’s a news that will make your day. If Rajinikanth’s real life journey has served as inspiration for you, wait till you watch his actual story on the big screen. Got the hint? Yes, right. A biopic on the biggest megastar of this century might be on its way!

According to a DNA report, Rajinikanth’s daughter is penning down his autobiography and after the book is finished, the family will begin working on the film’s script.

Rajinikanth’s daughter, Soundarya Ashwin told a leading news portal:

soundarya rajnikanth movie,

“There are certain areas of his life that no one knows about. We want to put that also in the film. As a daughter and his devoted fan, I love watching him on screen. And would love to see a film on him.”

The report also claims that his daughters will work on the project to make sure that the cinematic adaptation of his life is as great as his real story! Yay, we couldn’t have been happier!

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