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Is Shahid Kapoor Lined Up For Deepika In Padmavati?

Shahid Kapoor has been approached to play the role of Raja Rawal Ratan Singh of Mewar. Yes, this means we will see him romancing Deepika.
shahid kapoor

According to a TOI report, Bhansali has now reworked on the character, making it stronger. Now SLB has offered Shahid a fat pay cheque to ensure that he doesn’t turn it down. A TOI report claims that Shahid Kapoor has already started working on his looks and physique to suit the character. He has also started growing a beard for the same.

Even though there has been no confirmation from Shahid’s end, if this happens, we are surely going to be happy. Because who wouldn’t like to see Shahid-Deepika and Ranveer on the big screen? And that too in a typical Sanjay Leela Bhansali magnum opus?

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