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I’ve been on the trail of fine dining experiences in Cape Town the past few days and discovered the reason why Baía (pronounced Ba-hia and meaning the Bay) Seafood Restaurant is the premier fine dining venue.

Baía Seafood Restaurant overlooksbaia cape town the docks of the V&A Waterfront.  The atmosphere and warm hospitality reminded me of Kozue in Tokyo’s Park Hyatt.

The reputation of Baía has spread far and wide as a sophisticated landmark for fine cuisine and wine of the Cape.

What to drink: Skipping a wine experience, I recommend the Black Cherry Martini which has deep bright ruby colour with an intense fragrance that’s woven delicately with the bouquet of black cherry blossoms. A deliciously fresh burst of flavor that gentle and sophisticated to the palate, a sweet and unforgettable complement to an unforgettable evening. The romance of Cape Town engulfs you during a night time dining experience with spectacular panoramic harbour and ocean view.

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What I ate: I kicked off my taste journey with a starter of #TempuraPrawn, this de-shelled flawless tempura was succulent morsels of premium seafood  served straight from a deep-frying wok to your plate, my partner indulged in a creamy baked snail starter that had the perfect balance of spices and texture of the snails was perfection.

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The interior dining areas and covered outside dining areas spread across four terraces. The relaxing interior reflects the beauty of Table Bay in the wave-like mosaics and pale blues and mauve colours enhance your mood losing a sense of time.

For a main dish I chose a #Calamari that went down well, the depth of flavor and texture of the calamari exceeded my expectations and complemented with premium vegetables.

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Baía specializes in the finest seafood from around southern Africa, the finest poultry, beef and venison and a renowned wine-list with rare Cape vintage wines and imported liqueur selection – and has earned the reputation as the place to indulge in the best seafood platter in the Cape.

The evening ended off with a trio of Creme Caramel that filled the gaps and 5 Black Cherry Martini’s later the evening ended off on a good note!


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The timing of dishes being served was excellent with minimal interruptions from Mark who kept our drinks refreshed and our meals ready on the turn without a sense of being overwhelmed and rushed.

Patricio Cumaio, chef de cuisine, believes in using only the finest ingredients. He created the fare at Baía , with a menu inspired by a combination of fine continental cuisine and Portuguese colonial traditions. One of the legendary house specialties tempts diners with a bouillabaisse, French influence or a cataplana with a Portuguese influence, a veritable feast of prawns, langoustines, mussels, calamari and linefish.

Luis Viana, the experienced restaurateur who owns Baía, looks back on the years gone by with pride. He says, “People love the food, the style and the views at Baía. We’ve got the best restaurant terraces in the world. Where else can you sit at a table in a working harbour and watch passenger liners dock?

Baía has exceeded expectations for me with the added touch of excellent company of maître d’ Mark who provided excellent service that reflected the warmth and elegance of Baía.

What did the night cost me? A dinner for two including our drinks approximately came to R1600 and I would definitely do it again. From the excellent cuisine to the hospitality of Mark who represented the culture of the fine dining venue it is going to be a go to spot for me.

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Rating: 5/5

Booking is essential at Baía. Try them out for the ultimate dining experience.

Phone: 021 421 0935 | Website http://baiarestaurant.co.za/

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