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Nithia: Good Riddens To Bad Rubbish

Social media has not let Nithia rest in peace since the news broke on his murder. Sympathizers of the Chinnasamy family want the public to let sleeping dogs lie on the matter of Nithia’s notorious past.

His legacy whilst still alive in the late 90’s was one that instilled fear in those who heard tales about his conquests in Phoenix, KwaZulu Natal. Many are in the favour that he got what he deserved while others defend his past.

This is some of the comments that are building on the Phoenix Crime Watch Facebook page.

Let God be the judge,all we have are opinions the person is dead. All religions teach us not to speak ill about the matter what people say or do in the end God has the final say!

This is a platform 4 ppl to voice their opinions all these ppl dat say he was gud was not even born wen this man was tearing phnx apart they hav only seen the good so they think he was good the more mature elder folk have reason to vent an hate bcos they been through all da kaos. Ppl are forgeting the post under which we are commenting an more worried abt da comments here. This man was a CONVICTED DRUG DEALER and MURDERER and dats da fact. Ppl hav reason to be happy as dat is the 2 major problems we have in phoenix. To his family dat say he was a changed man (mayb he was) bt that doesn’t change da past. U can’t kill a person n say sorry. Ur karma doesn’t get erased by sayin sorry or changing ur life its always der mayb ul get a lil more time bt it always catches up 2 u!

Dont talk about uncle nithia because url dont know him from a bar of soap if I was url I would keep quiet

I wonder if the mom of the child he murdered will ever have peace?So save the comments of how good he was.

Perfect example of wat hapens to ppl who “THINK” they run da streets.


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