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Shades Of Kerishnie To Sorisha, Whats Your Color?

indianspiceAs a writer, I travel extensively and from every trip I have a chance to take a day to catch a bit of sun. I love the mild burn and pride myself with my sun-kissed appearance. It’s so obvious that from the stares I receive over my tan, most of them would hand over their soul to enjoy a darker shade. Then there are some who prefer to reverse that from a dark to pure perfect white.

Kerishnie Naicker, who’s dark shade secured her the title of Miss South Africa. A stark contrast of what would happen in India. Many would disagree with Naicker taking the title and state openly that she would not have won in India and this is true! When have you last seen a beauty queen that hailed from the Southern diaspora that was dark as night? Click here to read

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#PathersPoint: Born Free Youth Understand Nothing

gitanjali patherSouth Africa’s so-called “born-free” generation now accounts for some 40% of the population. Born since the country’s first fully democratic elections in 1994, they have grown up without apartheid and the struggles of South Africa’s older generation.

Pather is on point with the perils that a generation that has never experienced apartheid can screw up the agenda of #FeesMustFall.  Education and the state of institutions, funding, inequality, the lack of transformation in teaching and learning are merely symptoms of an untransformed society. READ  Gitanjali Pather’s column here

Fitness tracking is all very well, but is it making you crazy?

shanthini naidooAre you a health buff, are you hopping on your scale everyday and checking out your Apple Watch for your fitness stats? You’re trying to drop that excess weight, so you’re running more, laying off pizza, and even wearing a fitness tracker to chart your progress. But then the mission starts taking over your life.

Shanthini Naidoo of the Sunday Times has written a fantastic  piece on how fitness tracking is great for the body but does it make you obsessive and crazy?

Shanthini is a Sunday Times journalist bringing you the best pieces on a variety of lifestyle pieces that matter to you. You can also follow her on Twitter on @ShantZN to stay in the loop! Read the article here

#SEX: You’re not drilling for oil, son

indianspiceAdmit it: like millions of men in the world, your first introduction to sex was through porn. And by the time you actually convinced someone to sleep with you, the damage was done. Porn has its obvious benefits and is an unavoidable rite of passage, it still hasn’t cracked the conundrum that is Sex Education. Erections don’t appear on request, your average man isn’t hung like an elephant, STIs and STDs are a real thing, and foreplay doesn’t consist merely of jamming your finger(s) up her vagina.

We’re calling out the absurd myths and unrealistic ideas that mainstream porn teaches you about sex. It’s time to set the record straight. Read here

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An Affair She Regrets

indianspiceThe inevitability of becoming another quotidian couple broke up her love affair, but by then, she had lost a lifelong companion and her daughter, a father.

Let’s call her Anita. She is a jewellery designer and one evening, over wine she told me about her marriage. And like Americans tend to be when they do decide to open up, she was candid and fiercely honest. She had been married for 16 years when she met her lover.

Bonobology is an exclusive partner of IndianSpice bringing your real stories on relationships by real people.

Who Will The New ‘Madonsela’ Protect?

daily maverickThe new Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane has managed to shove her feet into Madonsela’s glass slippers. It is yet to be determined as to whether she will uphold the constitution and protect the people of South Africa.

A series of investigations left already open was a crafty move by Madonsela and no doubt that the team she left behind wil to try their best to keep the legacy of Madonsela afloat.

The alleged corruption by Eastern Cape municipalities relating to Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the Tshwane smart meter contract are to be presented.  But no report will be as highly anticipated as the investigation into the alleged capture of the state by the Gupta family. With the ANC voting against a parliamentary probe into allegations of state capture on Thursday, the Office of the Public Protector remains the only avenue for South Africa to know the truth about the controversial family’s involvement in state affairs.

Will she be swayed to not work in the best interests of South Africa? Time will be testimony to this.

READ Captura Continua by Daily Maverick’s Ranjeni Munusamy here

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The ANC we once knew is gone……for now

rdmThe African National Congress once the proud home of Tata Madiba has become a fractured organisation. A party that has been run amok by one man, the Commander-In-Chief, President Zuma. His incestuous relations with the Gupta’s led to what we all know as state capture.

While the National Executive Committee of the ANC, decide what to do next and how to protect their idiot the economy is in a constant bipolar state.  The failures of the Zuma cell inside the ANC convinced the country in the local government elections to stroke a new political landscape.

It has been rewritten as the people placed their confidence in the Democratic Alliance and full credit to Zuma’s bastard child, the Economic Freedom Front who shi(f)t balance of power. Read: Jacob Zuma, An obstinate man with no sense of civic duty here

So, why is Zuma hellbent on knocking down Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan?

indianspiceThe Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan has fought back with the confidence from the people of South Africa. The war against Zuma’s birds from his chicken run – they call themselves the Hawks apparently.

A slew of warnings have come from all sectors of the business industry, the country’s best economist but the obstinate Zuma ignores it all.

Gordhan emphasised the need for all parties to act in the “national interest” for the country to traverse its difficulties. If ever there was something in the national interest it is eliminating the cause of dangerous political decisions that place the country in jeopardy.

Zuma needs to go. #thatsall

George Bizo’s Impassioned Plea

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